Our Process

We follow a defined financial planning process so that you can achieve all of the benefits of financial planning advice. Of course, everyone is different, with different circumstances, needs and goals. We treat every client as an individual, but by following a defined process, you know what to expect from us.

The initial advice process covers our first appointment all the way through to the implementation of your financial plan. We do this by:

(1) Identifying where you want to be

Initially, we help you identify your financial and lifestyle goals. This ensures we understand your needs and you can understand what to expect from us.

(2) Considering the opportunities and risks

We assess your current situation and investigate the range of financial options available for you to reach your goals.

(3) Bridging the gap

Based on discussions with you and research we conduct, we will devise a strategy to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

(4) Bringing your plan to life

We work closely with you to implement your financial strategy. We help you to complete any necessary paperwork and are available to attend meetings with your accountant, solicitor and general insurer so that your strategy is implemented efficiently.

As time goes on and circumstances change, your financial plan will need to be changed to keep up to date with your changing needs. The final step in our advice process ensures your financial plan remains on track, by providing you with regular ongoing advice.

(5) Staying on track with regular ongoing advice

Finally, we design an ongoing service programme to ensure your plan remains up to date as your life changes and so you can obtain the benefits of ongoing reliable advice.

Sometimes, life takes us in unplanned directions. When you need a little extra help on top of our initial or ongoing advice, just ask us to provide you with some additional advice. We are there to help you – whatever the occasion.

Kingston Financial Planning Pty Ltd (ABN 34 119 387 012) is an authorised representative of Charter Financial
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